What is myWebGo?

If you often sit with an empty tab in your browser,  cursor flashing, fingers hovering over the keys and thinking "What was that site again?"

myWebGo organises your bookmarks visually, on-page and is available online on any computer or browser

There are also preset links to most social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest & LinkedIn


Here's how some of our users describe it:

- My personal bookmark site, online.

- Access to favorites across multiple browsers and computers

- All your favorite sites, apps and pages in one place, accessible from any computer

- Bookmarks in the cloud

- I love how I can drag boxes and links around to organise my links

Try it for yourself below...

Drag links up and down or from box to box

Hover over a box and click the edit button, bottom right.

Add a link and click the tick to save it

Click the + to add a box, give it a name and add your own links

mouse over to pause

Try it for yourself

Click "add a box" on the right, give it a name and save, then click the edit button in the box
to add a link. Enter a link name, enter the link and click the save button.

add a box
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